William Dennis Custom "Tail Fin" Nose-rider Longboard Surfboard

Nose riding doesn't get much better, the tail fin is a take off of the William Dennis "C- Street" model that has been around for the last 12 years. Design influences have come from team riders Tim Nesbit, and Heston Jordan. This is a great contest board, right choice for great old school, left go right and easy set-up for long nose rides. Performs well in surf from one to six foot.

The board pictured is 9'8" in length 23 1/4" in width and 3 1/16" thick.

Volan glass two 8 oz. layers on the deck with 4 oz. deck patch, 8 oz. layer on the bottom along with 4 oz. fin patch. 3/8" dark wood stringer abstract bottom and overlap clear top, two pin lines on deck overlap, fin box along with fin design for the board.

Board ranges in size from 9' to 10' 6" 

Please call for availability of stocked boards, prices range from $995.00 for a clear sand finish to $1395.00 for gloss and polish.

As shown $1195.00

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