William Dennis Custom "Ben Samuel Model" Longboard Surfboard

Ben Samuel Model

As a shaper, I have been fortunate to shape for the Samuel Brothers. Ben and Josh have been riding boards designed for them and their surfing styles for the last 12 years. This board was shaped as Ben's model in 2015 and just gets better every year. A true traditional nose rider that wins contests. 

  • Board pictured is 9' 9" length 23 3/8" wide, 3 1/4" thick.
  • Glassing is two layers of 8 oz. volan glass on the deck with 4 oz. deck patch. Abstract gloss and polish top and overlap clear deck two pin lines. 3/8" dark wood stringer fin box with fin designed for the board.
  • Sizes range from 9' to 10' 6"
  • Please call for availability of stocked boards, prices range from $995.00 for a clear sand finish to $1395.00 for gloss and polish.
  • As shown $1195.00

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