William Dennis Custom "Quad" Nose-rider Longboard Surfboard

Versatile all around nose rider.

Board has a 9" moon tail, hook bottom going to a double barrel concave toward the tail to a hard turned down "V" in the last 12". Nose has a soft 3/16" concave. Can be ridden as a tri-fin, quad or single fin. Board comes with a glass quad fin set-up designed for the board.

Two layers of 6 oz. silane cloth on the deck, 4 oz. deck patch, 6 oz. bottom with 4 oz. fin patch. Air brushed color top and bottom, pin lines on deck overlap. 2 1/8 in. bass wood stringers 6" from center. Five fin set-up, can be ridden as a tri-fin, quad, or single fin. Board comes with glass quad fin set-up.

Board sizes range from 8' to 10' 6".

Please call for availability of stocked boards, prices range from $825.00 for a clear sanded finish, to $1095.00 for gloss and polish finish.

As shown $950.00


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