William Dennis Custom "Hybrid Pig" Longboard Surfboard

Old style 60s Velzy Pig with adjusted rocker, slight template change in the wider tail block finished at 8" and the addition of 3/16" concave in the nose. Originally shaped for team rider, Sean Tully this design has been adjusted over the last 6 years with the design influenced by Travis and Matt Riley.

Board shown is 9' 6" long 23" wide, and 3" thick.

Old school volan fiberglass, 2 layers of 8 oz. glass on the deck along with a 4" deck patch with tint on top and bottom. 3/4" dark wood stringer and glass on fin.

Please call for availability of stocked boards, prices range from $995.00 for a clear sanded finish to $1395.00 for a glossed and polished finish.

As shown $1195.00

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