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  • Arbor Skateboards has been setting the standard for sustainably produced and visually stunning skateboards since 2000. It is their mission to bring you the most functional, fun, and visually appealing shapes on the planet. Their commitment to the environment that we skate in every day means we will continue taking steps to protect it for years by making environmentally conscious decisions at every level and practice in our organization.
  • Sector Nine longboards & skateboards are made in beautiful San Diego, California. Sector Nine has been creating high quality, performance styled longboards since the early 90's. Sector 9 longboards are some of the best on the market.
  • Barfoot was founded by Chuck Barfoot in the late 1960s. Barfoot’s inspiration for designing skateboards stems from his experiences as a devoted surfer. Prior to the company’s establishment, Barfoot first made skateboards from old water skis purchased from the thrift store. His dream was to build a board that had a true surf style, simulating surfing on pavement. Chuck Barfoot is also a co-owner of popular skateboard brand Sims. Barfoot is one of the first companies to build a concave deck. Although concave boards provide foothold, they focused their attention on increasing the strength of the board around the tail area. This eliminates the need for deck shapes to include wheel wells. Barfoot is also known for their early boards, featuring a spoon nose. In the 1980s, the company was the most in-demand brand in the market. Since then, Barfoot has stuck true to its roots, providing the highest performing boards with the grace of a surfboard. Today’s Barfoot longboard decks are available in two styles: Barfoot Style and Legend Surfstyle, in HT Series, which are silk-screened, and Barfoot Longboard Woody Series, which feature classic wood tops. They give riders low center of gravity, which allows tighter turning similar to a surfboard. From downhill racing to cruising, these decks can handle the longboarding lifestyle.
  • Over thirty years in the industry and Barfoot is still a top favorite among skaters. If longboarding is your thing, you won’t be disappointed with Barfoot!
  • Carver  Since its inception in 1996, Carver has been handmade in USA. Despite the higher cost and challenge of being a brand and manufacturer, we keep our relationships local so that we can retain full control over production and quality. Due to the complicated processes necessary to produce our parts, as well as the proprietary nature of our operations, we cast everything in LA and machine and assemble all of our own castings – we literally make our trucks like a true trucking company should. Carver Skateboards is one of the few skateboard companies still manufactured in the USA.
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