Roberts "The Vindicator"

The Vindicator maintains our El Tormentor's advantages in small waves while a few design adjustments give it more performance and control in bigger surf.  
Super high performance thinned out shortboards are made to work best in perfect waves. The Vindicator is more for everyday surfing and even some better days you might luck into.  For great paddling and gliding though flat spots, especially when it's small, it has a good amount of foam under your chest and low entry rocker.  We knew low tail rocker like on the Tormentor works in a broad range of surf but its advantages are felt mostly on smaller or flatter faced waves.  Wanting to give The Vindicator more upper range, we designed it with a more moderate tail rocker that still works terrific in small surf.  Where it shines though is allowing you to control speed plus have the ability to pivot easier in the pocket on those days you're surprised the waves are better than your normal waist high go outs.  Giving The Vindicator a rounded tail lengthens rail line and reduces tail area which is awesome for doing arcing turns on bigger faces while still having release off the top for vertical maneuvers in small to bigger surf.  We also thinned its tail letting it be pushed around with less effort and giving it more sensitivity at higher speeds.  Bringing it all together, The Vindicator is a really versatile as well as responsive high performance board.  Or sized bigger, it can be a fantastic all around board for someone looking to get into shortboards or wanting more paddle.
  • Please call for availability of stocked boards
  • $595.00 Clear
  • $650.00 Color

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