Roberts "The Fun 1"

First board, fun board or one board, The Fun 1 is a blend of easy surfing and performance.
The Fun 1 is a board we've been making for many years and has been continually perfected over time.  Some similar looking boards are like a flat rockered mini longboard which can make drops and turns down the line difficult.  To counter act that The Fun 1's rockers start with a slight flip in the nose to a moderate rocker in the middle and ending with a very light flip in the tail.  That bit of nose flip helps to prevent pearling and hang ups.  Moving back from the nose there is some curve in the rocker but not too much as to take away from easily catching waves.  But it is enough so The Fun 1 will turn smoothly and with more ease when the rails are applied.  This is one thing that makes it so versatile for the beginner to the advanced.  As your surfing improves you'll be able to take advantage of the rocker instead of a flat board holding you back.  And the beyond beginner riders can jump on it right away and feel comfortable in all kinds of surf.  Medium instead of full rails aid in its stability and turning.  This helps lighter riders turn and more advanced riders turn sharper.  On the bottom it has single concave through the entry to a double concave in the tail for lift, speed and control.  It has a slightly pulled in squash tail.  A full nose outline also helps for paddling.  Depending on how you size it, The Fun 1 can be great for a beginner, someone looking for a longboard alternative or even the advanced surfer wanting to catch more waves.
  • Please call for availability of stocked boards.
  • As Shown $700

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