Roberts "Metamorph"

A transformation, the hybrid groveller.  Out of its cocoon, our Metamorph takes the small wave groveller to another form.
We wanted a board that can generate speed in small waves and control speed in waves where other grovellers might lose their hold.  Inspiration came in the form of one of our most popular small wave boards, the Mutant.  The Mutant crept its way into being a primary board for many and they took it to the limit.  Like its predecessor, the Metamorph has low rocker forward of the tail area for speed with flip in the nose that doesn't hang up coming out of turns.  In the rear, we opted for a thinned and tapered round tail with a hint of rocker.  This gives it less surface area in the tail and a longer rail line to control speed going into tight turns or on better waves than what you'd find on just a grovel day.  The bottom contours of the Metamorph start out as a single concave that blends into an extreme double concave that exits out the tail for lift and aiding the control of higher speed turns.

  • If you want a board that thrives on speed and lives to destroy, discover the Metamorph.
  • Please call for availability of stocked boards
  • $595.00 Clear
  • $650.00 Color 

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