Roberts "Meat Cleaver"

Meat Cleaver
A perfect all around board that can fly through flat spots and still handle steep wave faces.  Extra tail rocker and a round tail allows the board to do tight turns at high speeds.
Designed for the guys that love to ride shorter wider boards like our White Diamond 2 in your normal knee to head high surf.  Some of our team riders wanted a board that was an easy transition for when those waves would get steep or really barreling.  Tested in the points of Mexico and ridden at beach breaks around our factory in Ventura and the Outer Banks of North Carolina, they raved on its versatility.  It has drive and speed on the more normal days and when the waves do get good or bigger you can pull in or crank off the bottom and make those meaty hacks.​
  • Please call the shop for availability
  • $595.00 Clear
  • $650.00 Color

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