Roberts "Black Cobra"

With width forward of center linked with rockers and foils from our high performance shortboards, the Black Cobra paddles and handles extremely well. Since the first Dreamcatcher, our guys have been pushing the DC to its limits around California, Hawaii and Mexico. The DC's flatter rockers for easy planning and faster speeds is great in everyday waves and getting down the line in bigger surf. As the waves get bigger and you're moving faster, boards with flatter rockers tend to have less control. To take the design to another level, the Black Cobra was made to get in early like the DC and given additional rocker for more control and easier turning in the pocket at the higher speeds of bigger surf. Then back home, some of our riders started surfing on it more everyday than just using it as a step-up. Even though they love the performance of the DC, their style of surfing liked the addition of more rocker in the Black Cobra for its even tighter turning radius. 

  • Please call the shop for availability
  • $595.00 Clear
  • $650.00 Color

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