William Dennis Custom Surfboard Collection

William Dennis Custom "Hybrid Pig" Longboard Surfboard

Old style 60s Velzy Pig with adjusted rocker, slight template change in the wider tail block finished at 8" and the addition of 3/16" concave in the nose. Originally shaped for team rider, Sean Tully this design has been adjusted over the last 6 years with the design influenced by Travis and Matt Riley.

Board shown is 9' 6" long 23" wide, and 3" thick.

Old school volan fiberglass, 2 layers of 8 oz. glass on the deck along with a 4" deck patch with tint on top and bottom. 3/4" dark wood stringer and glass on fin.

Please call for availability of stocked boards, prices range from $995.00 for a clear sanded finish to $1395.00 for a glossed and polished finish.

As shown $1195.00

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