William Dennis Custom Surfboard Collection

William Dennis Custom "Pro Quad Pin" Longboard Surfboard

Pro Quad Pin

Great all around surfboard, nose has 3/16' concave going to a hook bottom with a double barrel concave from the tail 1/3 the length of the board. Last 12" of the tail is a flat "V" turned down hard. Fun board in any kind of surf, excellent contest board, quick turns lots of speed and great nose riding. been  can be ridden in a wide variety of surfing conditions.

Board pictured is 9' 6" in length 22 5/8" wide and 3" thick.

Glassing is two layers of 6 oz. silane cloth on the deck one layer of 6 oz. silane cloth with 4 oz. fin patch on the bottom. Airbrushed color top and bottom gloss and polish finish 1/4" bass wood stringer. 5 fin set-up can be ridden as a tri fin, quad, or single fin. Board comes with a fiber glass quad fin setup designed for the board.

  • Board sizes range from 8' to 10'. 
  • Please call (805/643-1062) for availability of stocked boards, prices range from $800.00 for a clear sand finish to $1050.00 for gloss and polish.
  • As shown $950.00


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